Investment portfolios

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Equity US

The portfolio invests in a selected and limited number of companies or shares based on a fundamental analysis. The selection of companies is subject to initial pre-selection of particular industrial sectors, which are chosen according to their potential to overcome the average USA GDP by their total growth. Consequently, key companies which should contribute to the augmentation of the selected sectors to the greatest extend are selected within the individual sector.

WEM Balanced

WEM Balanced’s actively managed portfolio enables clients to invest in TOP US equity stocks while optimizing risk by investing in high-quality european government bonds. The objective of the portfolio is to provide the client with a return on a regular basis that corresponds to the risk profile of the investment, ie. maximize return to an extent that is consistent with retaining the value of capital and maintaining the high liquidity of realized investments.

Sovereign Bonds EUR

The geographical focus of the strategy aims exclusively at government bonds issued by the Eurozone governments. The portfolio invests in bonds through the so-called ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). The portfolio should serve investors as a suited diversification of their investment (in case of decrease or significant volatility at the capital markets, the portfolio should retain its relatively stable value). At any time, 100 % of the portfolio value will be invested in the bond ETF.

WEM Opportunities

At a regular basis, we provide our clients with a list of investment recommendations that should generate a yield within a 6-month horizon, which would fully cover the risk rate of the particular investment. They are mainly short-term tips to markedly undervalued assets that have declined due to external shocks or internally induced difficulties. Their internal, so-called fundamental value, however, remains relatively stable.

WEM Safe Haven

This portfolio was created for the needs of conservative clients who want to invest in high-security assets and profit is not their primary goal. Safe Haven invests in bonds of the Swiss Federation, Japan and gold. Portfolio value growth is moderate but stable and is therefore an ideal solution to hedge assets against declines.


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