Wealth Management

We understand our clients in Slovakia and their conservative approach to investing and allocating their assets, looking mostly for familiar options, sufficient diversification, and security.

Wealth Planning

Especially in Slovakia, the service of professional and complex Wealth Management is an unknown term. Therefore, at the beginning, we ask our clients about their goals and help them with their evaluation. We analyze the clients’ financial profile, goals, their attitude to risk and then develop an appropriate wealth management plan. We leverage intellectual capital of the company and its specialists to implement the plan. We offer strategic asset allocation and provide a range of investment solutions including bonds, stocks, and alternative forms of investment. To clients interested in investment advisory services we offer execution capabilities across all major global markets.

The wide range of wealth management services includes not only investment portfolios, real estate, corporate and business project management, investing in new businesses, but also heritage planning and wealth preservation for future generations and tax and legal advice.And as the clients’ goals change, through attentive service and personal advice, we can adjust their asset management.

Wealth Structuring

Investment Portfolios

Developments in the financial markets bring about various changes that require constant monitoring of asset management. We provide individual investment solutions based on professional approach and proven investment methods. Our specialists analyze all asset classes to prepare portfolios and solutions for long-term management, as well as heritage planning.

Estate Planning

Our experience in advising clients on real estate planning shows that clients often have a significant portion of their wealth in real estate and we do not underestimate this fact. Therefore, we are here to help and support our clients, provide them with the complete service portfolio. We will take care of not only acquiring, renting or selling individual real estate or investment projects, but we can also provide professional facility management.

Law & Tax Advisory

Advisory services for individuals and legal entities, who, when managing larger assets, must also think about the tangle of tax laws and costs of optimization, whether for one entity or more. With proper tax advice, we can optimize the client’s income and help them avoid unnecessary complications. We provide these services in cooperation with partners at the highest professional level.


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