We approach our clients as family, therefore we would like to introduce you the people who are the keystones of our company and we hope we will also have the opportunity to meet you.

We take care of assets of wealthy families, individuals, artists and successful atlethes through our wealth management.

This service is characterized by high complexity and expertise. We help our clients identify appropriate investment opportunities in accordance with their goals and expectations. The result is tailor-made solutions and an individual approach to each client through Private Wealth Managers who build a personal, correct, and discreet relationship with the client.

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Peter Štadler


My name is Peter Štadler. I am founder and owner of the financial company Wealth Effect Management. However, WEM is not only about me. Our team consists of people who pursue the same values as me – solid character, honesty, and responsibility. Thanks to our common effort and enthusiasm for the world of finance, WEM has been constantly growing. I have respect for every single Euro entrusted to us and each and every client who trusts us. I know how difficult it is to earn trust or to trust. I know how difficult it is to be wrong and to bear responsibility for it. I have learned on my own mistakes; I can help you to foresee and avoid mistakes and errors in financial decisions.

My goal is a satisfied client. I am doing my best so that we can bring to our market financial services that equal the standards of the developed markets. If you, too, want to bring transparency, honesty, and responsibility to the Slovak financial market, fill in the contact form and I will enable you to do so.

Martin Vozár

Portfolio Manager

He has extensive practical as well as theoretical experience in the field of portfolio management, financial analysis, corporate valuation and financial management as a whole. He has been with WEM for five years as a portfolio manager focusing on active management of client equity and bond portfolios. He is also a member of the Board of Directors. In the past, he worked as a financial analyst in one of the largest Slovak banking institutions where he was responsible for, among other things, the analysis of the so-called Structured Credit Products. After leaving, he joined a consulting firm focusing on valuation of companies as a senior analyst. He has also been a university lecturer at the Faculty of Management of Comenius University for 15 years, where he has been teaching the course Financial Management and where he created the course Corporate Valuation. As author and co-author, he has prepared several publications and scientific articles in the field of financial management.

Tomáš Královič

Compliance Officer

He has been working for companies operating on the financial market since 2001. First, for three years in a large insurance company and since 2004 he has been devoted to the securities market. He was responsible for founding smaller securities dealer which he was leading for six years afterwards. He has been actively involved in and has been responsible for number of bond issues in the order of hundreds of millions of Euros. He has been responsible for admission of bonds to the Bratislava Stock Exchange.

Since 2016, he has been part of the WEM team being in charge of setting up and launching activities of investment company, currently in the position of Compliance Officer.

Bruno Gábel

Head of Back Office

During his time at WEM, he created a mortgage department that increases its production by twenty percent each year. Despite the turbulent changes in the field of mortgage lending, with a strong team and a wealth of experience it continues to provide high quality services to clients, creating long-term cooperation. Since the establishment of an investment firm, he has been a leading backoffice and a member of the Supervisory Board.

Michal Kováč

Head of Front Office

Member of the Supervisory Board and co-founder of Wealth Effect Management. He has been working in the field of financial services and capital market for almost 10 years. He has been personally involved in the development of the investment department since 2015. Thanks to his long-term acquisition activities he was awarded the Best Salesman Award for 2018.

Matej Bašťovanský

Head of Advisory

He has been with the company since 2010 and has been a part of all important milestones in the company’s history. At the beginning, he worked as a financial strategist at Efect Slovakia where he focused primarily on the acquisition of new clients as part of comprehensive services. In 2014, he co-founded the new company Wealth Effect Management and achieved the best business result in three consecutive years from the following years. Later, he started to develop a new division in the company – Service Center, which has been successfully advancing and improving with his team.


Our highest objective is satisfaction of the client. Therefore, at creation of the Wealth Effect Management OCP team we combine expertise with character and humaneness.


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